Title Construction Technician 1
Location Various Locations in AZ
Job Information

Perform activities related to work performed by crew assigned to which could include but not limited to:

  • Hand Digging with Hand Excavation Tools
  • Pipe System Layout, Gluing, and Trench Placement
  • Trench Back-Filling, Compaction and Remediation
  • Cable Pulling and Pushing
  • Parts, Tool, or Equipment Retrieval as Instructed
  • Groundman Duties for Aerial Construction

Job Requirements:

  • Attention to Detail–able to be alert in high risk environment, follow detailed procedure and ensure accuracy, concentrate of routine work details.
  • Commitment to Task–able to take responsibility for actions and outcomes
  • Policies, Process, & Procedures–able to act in accordance with established guidelines and follow standard procedures
  • Quality–able to maintain high standards; do work right the first time
  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper digging over existing utilities.
  • Must be able operate light duty truck or vehicle.

NCS provides technical construction services to telecom customers. Our projects span the Southwest United States. We own and maintain our own extensive fleet of heavy equipment. NCS is unique in our ability to manage complex construction projects. As a result, we consistently deliver our services with the highest quality, on time, and within budget.

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